August 07, 2006

24% of UK Muslims back 7/7 attacks

24% of UK Muslims back 7/7 attacks where justified (via the Pub Philosopher), and there is a rally of somewhere between 20,000 and 100,000 in support of a terrorist group dedicated to the destruction of a democratic state, and it's replacement with a despotic tyranny, while openly advocating genocide. They are calling for a ceasefire, one that has now been offered, but rejected by Hezbollah. Hezbollah's use of it's war crimes to gain good publicity is obviously working too well stop now. Even without the pictures being deliberately doctored the results of Israel's misses are good propaganda. Especially when no European news source will run anything about what happens when Hezbollah's rockets hit their intended target.

But we must feel sorry for the Islamists, they started this fight and are therefore the victims. We must feel sorry for the ordinary Muslims, having long tolerated and sympathized with the Islamist faction amongst them are now beginning to be treated as Islamist sympathizers. Any divergence from this line can lead to a pointed critique. We are told that bringing the rather high number of Muslim citizens in the west that follow the Islamist agenda might bring about a backlash against them. Like the one that didn't happen after 9/11, or the one that didn't happen after 7/11. There having not been any retaliation attacks after these acts of terrorism, and there having never been any open advocates of genocide, so obviously there are dark impulses in the western soul that must be restrained at all costs. So all support must be given to groups that are pledged to the destruction of liberal values or the west will find it's liberal values destroyed.


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